Monday, 31 May 2010

She Feels Like


It’s more than a physical attraction, it’s a mental attraction,
An attraction to you as a person, to you as a queen.
Setting my mind free, stress and pain is something I don't see.
When I’m with her and she’s with me,
I like that when I’m in her company I feel everything beneath my feet,

Like Scarface on top, like hitting the rollover jackpot, but no amount of money could ever compare to thee.

I feel like a proper winner, like the ghetto term a "G".

It’s a funny feeling as if when I’m with her in stuck in the most beautiful day dream,

my eyes are like glasses in mist getting steamed up, and awaiting love for our next phase.

Her surronding smells sweet, like that gorgous smell of amnesia haze.

She’s addictive like my favourite drug, I put her to my lips, i feel lifted, feel free,

like I’m in a secure place and nobody can hurt me.

They say drugs are bad for you, but i can totally disagree,

cos your one of those one kinda of drugs that’s really good for me.

Like a truth friend you keep it real b, like a best friend should be

Is there anything more I should add or should i just end is with saying,

Im the lock for your key


No matter whats said or whats been done, if we're tight we shall be alright,

As one of my niggers or my one home girls, you have a special place in my own little world.

If something is wrong and pondering on your mind dont forget, its on me who You can

Look Im a straight up kinda guy, laid back aint got reason lie.

So expect nothing from me but a judgement in complete honesty.

Cos in respect thats what I would expect, from you to me

Let the truth set you free, no matter what people read, think or see

If the truth aint good enuff for them, I say forget them cos its good enough for me!!